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Missouri Alcohol Tax Bond

How much does an alcohol retailer tax bond cost in Missouri?

An alcohol retailer tax bond in Missouri costs $100 and is issued instantly when the bond amount is $10,000 or less. The cost of alcohol tax bonds greater than $10,000 is subject to underwriting, meaning the application is reviewed by an underwriter before a cost is determined.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost*
$10,000 or less Alcohol Tax Bond $10,000 or less $100 GET A QUOTE
Greater than $10,000 Alcohol Tax Bond Greater than $10,000 Subject to Underwriting GET A QUOTE

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Why do Missouri alcohol retailers need an alcohol tax bond?

Missouri intoxicating liquor, wine and 5% beer tax bonds must be in amounts between $1,000 and $100,000. The exact amount of this bond is determined by the Supervisor of Alcohol and Tobacco Control of the State of Missouri and shouldn’t exceed an amount equal to twice a retailer’s tax liability of a monthly return.

Missouri liquor, wine and beer tax bonds ensure that principals (alcohol retailers) pay all taxes according to law and fully comply with the provisions of sections 311.520, 311.550, 311.553, 311.554, 311.557, 311.561, 311.580 and 311.600 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.

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Cancelling alcohol tax bonds

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Missouri alcohol tax bonds are required by the Supervisor of Alcohol and Tobacco Control of the State of Missouri. These bonds are continuous until canceled, and the surety must give written notice to the principal and the state 30 days prior to canceling the bond.

How to become an alcohol retailer in Missouri

To become an alcohol retailer in Missouri, you must first submit a completed application form and pay a fee between $25 and $300 based on the license. The payment should be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order made payable to Missouri Director or Revenue.

Include a criminal record check from the Missouri State Highway Patrol dated within six months of the time of submission. These can be obtained the same day online or can be delivered by mail. A copy of your Missouri Retail Sales Tax License from the Missouri Department of Revenue must also be attached.

Regardless of exemption status, you must submit a Certificate of No Tax Due issued by the Missouri Department of Revenue. This certificate must be dated within 90 days and addressed “To Supervisor of Liquor Control.”

A copy of your paid personal property tax or real estate tax receipt for the preceding year and proof of voter registration are also required. A voter registration card or printout of the Missouri Secretary of State’s voter verification website are applicable.

A photo of the sole owner, all partners, or managing officer and a photo of the front of the building, as well as any any decks, patios, etc. must be included in the application.

The last three documents required are a copy of the signed lease, deed, or rental agreement of the building being licensed, a Certificate of Good Standing by the Secretary of State dated within 90 days, and a copy of a Health Inspection completed by the local health department.

Finally, the applicant must purchase a Missouri alcohol tax bond to receive a license. Submit a bond request to get a free, personalized bond quote.

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