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Nebraska Contractor License Bond

Cost: $100.00 / 1-year term

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How much do Nebraska contractor bonds cost?

Many Nebraska contractor bonds cost $100 and are issued instantly for a 1-year term. However, there are a few exceptions like the Omaha electrical contractor bond which costs $125 and the Nebraska farm labor contractor bond which is subject to underwriting.

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Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$10,000 City of Omaha Contractor Bond $10,000 $100
$12,500 City of Omaha Electrical Contractor Bond $12,500 $125
$10,000 City of Omaha Residential Air Conditioning Contractor Bond $10,000 $100
$10,000 City of Omaha Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor Bond $10,000 $100
$5,000 Farm Labor Contractor Bond $5,000 Price Varies GET A QUOTE

City of Omaha contractor license bonds

The city of Omaha Planning Department, Permits and Inspections Division requires contractors to post a $10,000 surety bond and electrical contractors to post a $12,500 contractor license bond to obtain a license. Residential and commercial air conditioning contractors in Omaha must both obtain a $10,000 contractor bond. Farm labor contractors must have a $5,000 bond as required by the Nebraska Commissioner of Labor.

Omaha requires contractors to be licensed and bonded to protect the city and its residents from harm caused by the contractor’s failure to adhere to the terms established by the bond. The following are the license classifications for which applicants can apply:

  • Class A - contractors who can work on all structures up to and including high-rise buildings
  • Class B - contractors who can work on all structures up to 4 stories tall
  • Class C - contractors who work on home and duplex buildings
  • Class D - contractors who do residential remodeling
  • Class E - contractors who do roofing, siding, window and deck installations

How to become an Omaha contractor

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Once bonded, a contractor can apply for a license with the city, which will be valid for three years. To get licensed, a contractor must meet the following requirements:

For more licensing information, visit the city of Omaha’s Planning Department, Permits and Inspections Division website.

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How to become an Omaha air conditioning contractor

Air conditioning and air distribution contractors, also called ACAD contractors, can get licensed for either commercial or residential work. To become a licensed air conditioning contractor in Omaha applicants must meet the following requirements:

Additional requirements for these licenses can be viewed on the Omaha license requirements page.

Nebraska Farm labor contractor bonds

The farm labor contractor bond is required by the Commissioner of Labor in the amount of $5,000. This bond is put in place to ensure that the principal (farm labor contractor) adheres to the provisions of the Farm Labor Contractors Act. Specifically, this bond guarantees that the principal will comply with the following provisions:

Nebraska farm labor contractor bonds and licenses expire annually on March 31 and cannot be terminated during the term.

How to become a farm labor contractor in Nebraska

After being bonded, contractors can become licensed to work as farm labor contractors in the state. To become licensed, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

For more information about licensing requirements for farm labor contractors, visit the Nebraska Department of Labor website.

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