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North Carolina Surety Bonds

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North Carolina Surety Bond Costs

“How much will my surety bond cost?” is the most common question we're asked every day. Your premium will depend on the risk associated with the request. Certificate of title bonds, for example, have very little risk and can be issued instantly for a low, flat rate. Motor vehicle dealer bonds, on the other hand, have more risk, so their pricing is subject to underwriting.

Standard market rates for bonds subject to underwriting are typically 1-3% of the bond amount. So, an applicant requesting a $10,000 boxing promoter bond would pay just $100-$300 if qualified for a standard market.

Consulting a surety expert is the best way to determine your exact surety bond cost in North Carolina. You can request a free quote online instantly, or call 1 (800) 308-4358 to speak with an experienced bond specialist. We'll work with you to find the lowest available rate for your needs.

Bad Credit Bonding Program

At SuretyBonds.com, we strive to help every applicant, no matter their financial situation. That's why we've established an exclusive Bad Credit Bonding Program through which we can approve 99% of applicants. Don't let low credit scores, bankruptcies, or other financial problems keep you from getting the bond you need.

High-risk applicants can also request premium financing, which can make bonding more affordable. SuretyBonds.com believes in helping every entrepreneur and working professional qualify, so request your approval today.

Determining Your Bond Type

Saying you need a “surety bond” is like saying you need a “car” – you should always find the perfect option before buying. There are thousands of unique bond types available, each with its own specific form. Finding the exact surety bond you need in North Carolina can be confusing. That’s where we come in!

You can request your bond online instantly, or you can call 1 (800) 308-4358 to discuss your bonding needs with a surety expert. We have an extensive bond library to search, but if we don’t have your form on hand, we'll track it down.

The SuretyBonds.com Advantage

As a bond-only agency, surety bonds are all we do. This means our experts have the knowledge and tools to fulfill your bonding request quickly and easily. We’re proud to offer the highest standard in bonding services.

We achieve this by maintaining relationships with the nation's top surety underwriters while continually improving our proprietary bonding system. This allows our valued clients to qualify for the best rates while enjoying unparalleled turnaround times within the industry.

We're a team of real people helping entrepreneurs launch their business ventures one bond at a time.

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