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South Carolina Contractor License Bond

Cost: uw / 2-year term

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How much does a contractor license bond cost in South Carolina?

The cost of a contractor license bond in South Carolina depends on the type of bond needed by the applicant. Mechanical and general contractor bonds are subject to underwriting, meaning the applicant’s qualifications must be reviewed before the cost of the bond can be determined. Highly qualified applicants are typically approved for their mechanical or general contractor bond at 1-3% of the required bond amount.

If the applicant needs a contractor bond to comply with a municipal or county-specific requirement, it will most likely be instantly approved for 1% of the total bond amount.

For information about South Carolina residential builder and specialty contractor bonds, click here.

Bond Type Bond Amount Cost
$20,000 General Contractor Bond Group 1 $20,000 Starts at $200 GET A QUOTE
$80,000 General Contractor Bond Group 2 $80,000 Starts at $800 GET A QUOTE
$200,000 General Contractor Bond Group 3 $200,000 Starts at $2,000 GET A QUOTE
$350,000 General Contractor Bond Group 4 $350,000 Starts at $3,500 GET A QUOTE
$500,000 General Contractor Bond Group 5 $500,000 Starts at $5,000 GET A QUOTE
$7,000 Mechanical Contractor Bond Group 1 $7,000 Starts at $100 GET A QUOTE
$20,000 Mechanical Contractor Bond Group 2 $20,000 Starts at $200 GET A QUOTE
$40,000 Mechanical Contractor Bond Group 3 $40,000 Starts at $400 GET A QUOTE
$80,000 Mechanical Contractor Bond Group 4 $80,000 Starts at $800 GET A QUOTE
$400,000 Mechanical Contractor Bond Group 5 $400,000 Starts at $4,000 GET A QUOTE
$5,000 Columbia Demolition Contractor Bond 1 and 2 family residential structures $5,000 $100
$15,000 Columbia Demolition Contractor Bond Multi-family and commercial structures $15,000 $100
$2,000 Forest Acres Contractor Bond $2,000 $100
$1,000 North Augusta Contractor Bond $1,000 $100
$2,500 Richland County Contractor Bond $2,500 $100

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Why is a contractor license bond required?

Contractor license bonds in South Carolina are put in place to ensure that principals (contractors) complete construction work in accordance with the laws of the city/state. This includes adhering to all building codes, and paying all taxes as they are due. Typically, these bonds protect the city/state and/or any individual who is harmed as a result of the principal’s noncompliance from financial loss up to the full amount of the bond. The principal must reimburse the surety for all damages paid out.

South Carolina contractor license bonds have unique terms, so applicants should be sure they understand the fine print of their surety bond contracts during the bonding and licensing processes.

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South Carolina General and Mechanical Contractor License Bonds

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The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation requires general and mechanical contractors to obtain a surety bond in order to obtain a contractor license if they are doing commercial work. General contractors are responsible for managing and supervising construction projects. Mechanical contractors are specialty contractors that are typically in charge of anything mechanized, ranging from heating or cooling systems to refrigeration to piping and plumbing.

General and Mechanical contractor license bonds are continuous, which means they will remain in effect until the bond is canceled by the obligee or the surety. If the surety decides to cancel the bond, they will give the obligee and the principal (contractor) 30 days notice. The bond must remain effective to maintain the contractor’s license, so if it is canceled, the contractor must obtain a replacement bond as soon as possible.

General contractor bond amount requirements

Mechanical contractor bond amount requirements

How to get a general or mechanical contractor license in South Carolina

Follow the steps outlined below to obtain either a general or mechanical South Carolina contractor license through the SC Contractor Licensing Board.

A full list of application requirements, how to change license information, and how to obtain a license for other contractor license classifications can be found on the SC Applications/Forms page.

Mail all completed contractor license applications to the CLB at the following address:

South Carolina Contractor’s Licensing Board
PO Box 11329
Columbia SC 29211-1329

To renew a general or mechanical contractor license applicants must use the SC online license portal. General contractor licenses expire October 31st of every even-numbered year and mechanical contractor licenses expire October 31st of every odd-numbered year.

Applicants can check the status of their license application using the South Carolina online application status look-up.

Contractor License Bonds Required by Counties and Municipalities

Various municipalities in South Carolina, such as Columbia, Forest Acres, and Richland County, have their own specific surety bond requirements for contractors. These bonds are typically required before a contractor can get licensed or obtain a work permit.

Some cities or counties may require contractors to hold a state license along with local licenses or permits, meaning it is important for applicants to verify with the municipality to determine what requirements apply to specific contractors.

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Additional Resources

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